BadAssBets.com was created to help YOU create an income thru strategic investments on sporting events.We Provide the most strategic investments each day along with an investment amount per event so YOU can make LONG TERM PROFIT from Sporting Events.

 Add up the money spent on sporting events; (examples are top 3 NBA salaries)

1. Cleveland $110,237,822
2. Oklahoma City $99,192,910
3. LA Clippers $94,894,047

Add in the Stadium Cost + Operational costs + Advertising + CASINOS = $$$ BILLIONS

How much of the BILLIONS spent on sports would you like to have?


"Creating Wealth Through Sports"

FOOTBALL Bowl Games and Playoffs are in full swing and it's time to MAXIMIZE your BANKROLL, we look for Streaks and situational plays then SMASH the BOOKS! look at the recent surge put together by teams the likes of...



Baseball season starts in the off season. With all the trades now its a full time job keeping up with the new teams each season so we can HAMMER the BOOKS from day 1 of the new season



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This is where sports lives and breathes and exists for the sole purpose of CREATING WEALTH for our family and Yours. With our help you can experience the thrill of competition while earning a great income...




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2016 FINAL FIGURES:                     ​Record            Winning Percentage                   Dollars Won
                                                        156 - 57 - 2               73.24%                                    $35,016.06

Average Amount Bet Per Bet $422.60                            Average Return on Investment 39%